St Vincent Brewery Mazda RX8  promotion climaxes on Friday
July 16, 2013

St Vincent Brewery Mazda RX8 promotion climaxes on Friday

Whoever holds on longest to the Mazda RX8, in the grand finale of the Hairoun Hai Life Promotion this Friday will win it.{{more}}

The promotion, which ran for two months, will see one person walk away with a Mazda RX8, which is said to deliver unprecedented sports car driving pleasure and has been featured on top car programmes such as Top Gear, whose host has called it “perfectly laid out and sensational”.

“The format of the Grand Finale is synonymous with Hairoun providing exciting and innovative experiences, hence during the Grand Finale, participants will all hold on to the car and whoever holds on the longest will walk away with the Mazda RX8,” a release from the brewery said.

The car was displayed at various bars and entertainment spots in SVG over the two-month period, including at Heritage Square.

According to the St Vincent Brewery Ltd, the response from the public about the promotion has been very positive and members of the public are particularly interested in seeing how long the finalists can hold on to the vehicle within the 24-hour period.