July 5, 2013

No decision yet on lifting ban on jet skis – Minister

No declaration has been made that the government intends to lift a ban on the use of jet skis in St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

Minister of Tourism, Sport and Culture Cecil Mc Kie made this point during a sitting of the House of Assembly on Tuesday.

Mc Kie was responding to a question posed by Parliamentary Representative for the Northern Grenadines Dr Godwin Friday, who asked him to state the reason why the Government was removing the ban on the importation and use of jet skis in the country.

“The question gives the impression that Government is about to lift a ban on jet skis and I don’t think in any way at all it has been stated by the Ministry or any other declaration made that this was about to happen,” Mc Kie said.

Rather, the Ministry of Tourism had taken a “very inclusive” approach and the various stakeholders were engaged in discussions on all matters relating to the development of the tourism sector, McKie said.

Stakeholders include those on Bequia, the Hotel and Tourism Association (HTA) and persons involved in the yachting industry.

“And we asked them for feedback on their thoughts of us widening the tourism product and to … give some feedback on the use of jet skis and we have been receiving feedback,”

Mc Kie said.

Mc Kie said during the consultations, it had been suggested that jet skis be used to conduct patrols.

The Minister said the information provided by stakeholders will be analyzed and used in the decision making process.

He, however, reiterated

that at no time did his Ministry or the Government make a declaration that the ban on jet skis was going to be lifted. (DD)