July 5, 2013

Lowest rate on island – Digicel country manager

As of today, Digicel customers who make local and regional calls to other Digicel customers can now pay 59 cents per minute, by activating the company’s new rate plan.{{more}}

To pay 59 cents per minute for local and regional calls to other Digicel numbers, persons must activate this new rate plan by dialing *137# and following the instructions given.

Digicel’s country manager Sean Latty says this new rate plan has come at the right time, “as Vincentians are celebrating their premier festival Vincy Mas”.

“Choosing the new plan, which gives 59 cents per minute for Digicel local and regional calls, also gives customers free texts, free local minutes and free regional minutes”, said Latty.

“This is the lowest rate on the island,” he stressed.

Latty said that, with the introduction of this plan, “customers also get loads of free minutes and texts, which is in keeping with the promise of value that our customers always get”.

The plan allows persons who talk for five minutes on Digicel local and regional calls to get the next five minutes free, while persons who send five texts get the next five texts free.

“Adding the free stuff also makes this plan very attractive, as it gives persons who call locally or regionally or are into texting a reason to choose the 59 cents plan”, said Latty.

“It is always important that we be seen as offering the best value to our loyal customers, some whom have been with us for 10 years and counting.” With this in mind, it was easy to not only offer a lower rate, but in true extraordinary fashion offer extraordinary value along with this plan”, said Latty.

He added that over the upcoming weeks, Digicel will be introducing more exciting offers, “and our loyal customers can rest assured that we will not only offer best value, but will also continue to do exciting promotions that will allow customers to keep winning with Digicel”.

“I would encourage people to start enjoying our 59 cents rate, the lowest on island and continue to enjoy the Carnival season responsibly,” commented Latty.