New basic fees for recreation sites, parks
July 2, 2013

New basic fees for recreation sites, parks

New basic site facility fees have been introduced for sites managed by the National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority (NPRBA).{{more}}

Effective July 1, each adult visitor to recreation sites and parks on mainland St Vincent will pay a fee of EC$5 or $2, while children, 12 years and under, will pay half price.

According to a release from the NPRBA, the fees will cover use of facilities such as washrooms, showers, change rooms and other basic on-site facilities, except gazebos and fire pits that carry existing separate booked fees.

Previously, a fee of EC$1 was charged separately for use of individual facilities such as washrooms, change rooms and showers.

This new site facility fee will allow multiple day use of facilities indicated during a visitor stay at a park after the payment is made at the visitor reception on entry to the site, the release said.

The EC$5 basic site facility fee will apply to the Dark View Falls, Vermont Nature Trail, Black Point Heritage and Recreation Park, Rawacou Recreation Park, Walilabou Heritage and Recreation Park, and the Owia Salt Pond Recreation Park. The EC$5 fee will also apply to the Botanic Gardens where, previously, no basic site facility fee was charged.

A $2.00 basic site facility fee to use the washroom and other specified facilities will be charged for the Cumberland Beach Recreation Park, Belmont Look-out, Mt Wynne Beach and the Layou Petroglyph Park.

“Other special concessionary group rates, event charges and regular site facility use fees are also available and can be provided by either contacting the National Parks Authority or the various Sites directly.

“Payment of applicable site facility fees should be made at the visitor reception on entry to the Park for your convenience and efficiency of administration. The support of the recreation parks and payment of applicable fees by visitors contributes to sustaining the operation and maintenance of the Park facilities and Sites.

“The National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority looks forward to the continued support of all persons, and thank the many patrons and stakeholders who have supported the Recreation Sites, and whose payment of site user fees since 2009 has contributed to their operation and management,” the release said.