Rubis Ultra Tec  causing buzz
June 28, 2013

Rubis Ultra Tec causing buzz

From all accounts, Rubis Ultra Tec gasoline and diesel have been creating a buzz on the market since the products were introduced to St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

“I heard other drivers talking about Ultra Tec and I decided to try it and since I have been using Ultra Tec diesel from Rubis, I have seen some remarkable difference with my minivan,” said Brian Davis, a van driver of Campden Park.

“My van drives longer, which means I get more mileage per gallon and in these hard economic times, this goes a long way. My van also drives much better. It works much better than the other fuel,” he said.

“I am glad to learn about Ultra Tec,” said Andrea Gaymes of Peter’s Hope.

According to Julian Jack, Rubis is his service station of choice.

Other drivers of diesel vehicles claim that their emissions have been cut by more than half.

“My van doesn’t smoke like before. When you look at the fuel, it looks different. It looks cleaner than the other fuel. It doesn’t foam like the other diesel, so I don’t have to shake my van while filling,” one van driver said.

Elroy Edwards, Retail and Commercial Account executive of Rubis said that Rubis is dedicated to offering innovative products and strives to provide drivers with fuel that can meet the needs of their vehicles and help improve vehicle performance.

“Ultra Tec gasoline and diesel is the choice for the Vincentian consumer who wish to maximize their engine’s performance; enhance the life of their engine; improve fuel economy and control or reduce emission. Ultra Tec features the latest advancement in additive technology and is designed to meet the challenges of today’s engine technology,” he said.

“The launch of Ultra Tec to the market has reinforced Rubis’ position as the number one provider of fuel in St Vincent and the Grenadines,” Edwards said.

He said the fuel, which has several benefits for vehicle owners, is available at all Rubis service stations.

According to Edwards, the benefits include: helping to keep new cars running like new; preventing build-up of engine deposits in older cars; removing deposits in intake system left by other gasoline; maintaining peak vehicle performance; eliminating performance issues such as hesitation, stalling, and rough idling, resulting from intake system deposits; reducing emissions by cleaning fuel injectors; protecting the metal parts in the engine and fuel system.