Vincentian student honoured in Taiwan
June 25, 2013

Vincentian student honoured in Taiwan

A Vincentian doctor, who was the recipient of the Taiwan International Cooperation Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) Scholarship, recently graduated with distinction from the National Yang-Ming University, with a Master’s degree in International Health.{{more}}

As a student of distinction, Dr Rosmond Adams was invited to make farewell remarks on behalf of the international students at the Graduation Ceremony on June 8. Dr Adams won the 2nd prize at the TaiwanICDF Thesis Contest and will present a research report at an international conference on health in Australia in July.

Adams, a medical doctor from the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, had visited Taiwan for a 12-week clinical training program organized by the Taiwan International Healthcare Training Center (TIHTC) a year prior to being awarded the scholarship in 2011 to pursue a Master’s degree in International Health at the National Yang-Ming University.

He wrote a Master’s thesis entitled: “Willingness to Participate and Pay for National Health Insurance in St Vincent and the Grenadines” and won the 2nd prize in the category of Public Health and Medicine at the 2013 TaiwanICDF Thesis Contest in April. Furthermore, Adams has been sponsored by Taiwan’s National Science Council to travel to Sydney, Australia in early July to present a research report on: “Using National Health Insurance as a Financing Tool towards Achieving Health Care in St Vincent and Grenadines”.

A release from the Embassy of Taiwan said “The Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) has been supporting St Vincent in nurturing its youths and promoting the mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples. As of 2013, over 70 Vincentians have received Taiwan’s scholarships and quite a few of them have graduated and come back to serve the country. More importantly, some graduates working for the government are involved in bilateral cooperative projects between SVG and Taiwan, which has been greatly conducive to the sustainable development of St Vincent and the further enhancement of the existing cordial relations between two countries.”