Promoter apologises for abrupt ending of Black Rave show
June 21, 2013

Promoter apologises for abrupt ending of Black Rave show

Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle, promoter of the much anticipated Black Rave event, has described his show as a “major success” and denied that he defended revellers’ rowdy behaviour at the show, which took place on Saturday night at the Victoria Park.{{more}}

“The event overall was a major success. The highlights of the robust cast belonged to every performer that graced the stage. As a promoter of the event, I must state that the professionalism and showmanship of our local acts was on par with international standards; admittedly some glitches did occur with a few acts, which were solely related to time restrictions,” he said in a release.

Doyle, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Monday, however, said that he was disappointed that some of the revelers decided to storm the stage, despite his instructions not to do so.

The show ended abruptly, after some revellers made their way up onto the stage.

There was an attempt by security to control the situation and restore order; however, Doyle interjected, asking the security to allow him to control them, saying that he was their “general.”

The promoter explained that the situation could have been handled in one of two ways: let the security take over the show or do it in an entertaining manner.

He said he opted for the latter.

According to Doyle, he had achieved some success, when the revellers who were standing on the sound system got off.

But after the rain came, that was when things took a turn for the worse, Doyle said.

The revellers made their way on to the stage, the music stopped abruptly and the lights went out – a clear indication that the partying had ended.

He further explained that he was aware that he needed to be responsible and look out for people’s equipment and that he needed to take immediate control of the situation.

In a release issued on Wednesday, Doyle stated: “As an entertainer and businessman I do not condone nor support uncivil/disorderly conduct that results in the damage of property or life. During the end of my performance, there were events that transpired that caused distress amongst the overall team for Black Rave, making it difficult to manage the safety of the stage team and equipment. Impressively, however, this was managed swiftly and effectively by the owner of the sound system and stage team, who dispered the patrons from the stage and grounds and to re-establish order.

“But I am grateful that there were no incidents at Black Rave – there were no reported incidents of violence and no interference by the police,” he said.

He said that he apologised to the patrons for the abrupt end to the show.

As he reflected on the show, Doyle said that the turnout was better this year compared to 2012.

“So, it gives me confidence that the show is a great show,” he said.

And as is typical in show business, Doyle said that there were a few glitches which he and his team were working on.

He also said that one of the areas that would be looked at was the number of foreign artistes.

“Because I am very pleased with the performances from the local acts on the show,” he said.

The local acts are pulling their weight, so patrons may see a reduction in the number of foreign acts, Doyle said. (DD)