Grenada attorney – Proof Sandy was in Grenada
June 21, 2013

Grenada attorney – Proof Sandy was in Grenada

A Grenadian attorney says there is evidence to prove that Dwaine Sandy was in Grenada on June 13, the date a shooting and robbery incident took place here in St Vincent.{{more}}

On Wednesday, Derick Sylvester of Derick F. Sylvester and Associates, told SEARCHLIGHT that Sandy contacted him while he was in Grenada.

Sylvester, who spoke to SEARCHLIGHT by telephone, said Sandy contacted him over the weekend and told him that he had been in Grenada for the previous three weeks. Sandy told reporters here on Wednesday that he left for Grenada to seek work the day Vincy Mas was launched, May 4.

He said he worked in Grenada for three days a week as a landscaper.

According to Sylvester, he did not just take Sandy’s word, but carried out his own investigations into the matter.

“He told me he was in Grenada three weeks prior to his departure on Monday. I wanted to double check the accuracy of his story, so what I did was to speak to persons in the area where he lived in Frequente,” Sylvester said.

Sylvester indicated that when he spoke to the persons in the area, they supported Sandy’s claim that he had been in Grenada for the last three weeks.

“I spoke to a barber who would have attended to him on the very said day of the incident in St Vincent. We all found it strange that they would want him in St Vincent,” Sylvester stated.

The attorney said he received numerous statements from persons indicating that Sandy was in Grenada on the day of the incident and before that time.

Sylvester said he advised Sandy to turn himself over to the authorities.

“Attorney Grant Connell contacted me and I told him it was more prudent for him to come down to Grenada, as opposed to me bringing him (Sandy) up.”

The attorney also said he spoke to Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams on the matter.

Sylvester indicated that he was “convinced beyond doubt” that Sandy was not the person being sought by police in the June 13 matter.

“Not by what he would have said, because I wasn’t going to believe his word. But it was the numerous persons who live in the area that said Sandy was there for the past three weeks.

Sylvester said because Sandy did not enter the country legally, there wasn’t a trace for him in his passport.

Connell, earlier on Wednesday, expressed gratitude to Sylvester for his assistance in getting Sandy back here safely.

“It is good when lawyers can really play a role in a matter like this and prevent a real travesty of justice from unfolding,” Connell said. (KW)