Conductor suffers chop wounds to neck, left hand
June 21, 2013

Conductor suffers chop wounds to neck, left hand

A chopping incident which occurred just after 8 p.m. on Tuesday in Campden Park, resulted in 21-year-old Omarr Providence receiving a severe chop wound to the side of his neck.{{more}}

Providence, a conductor by profession, and a resident of Redemption Sharpes, also reportedly sustained chop wounds to three fingers on his left hand.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the Milton Cato Memorial hospital on Wednesday, Providence was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and unable to receive visitors.

According to reports, Providence was chopped by another male individual, identified by the police as Kevin “Nose” Chance.

Chance, also a conductor, is a resident of Chauncey.

An eyewitness told SEARCHLIGHT that following the incident, Chance fled the scene.

Mid-morning, Wednesday, police said Chance was still on the run.

However, at 5:05 p.m., Constable Chambers, the second officer in command at the Questelles Police Station, confirmed that Chance was in police custody.

Prior to the incident, Providence was a conductor on minibus HK 804 that operates in Campden Park.

The eyewitness, who described the incident as a “brutal chopping”, told SEARCHLIGHT by telephone, just two hours after the incident, that he knew both men.

The witness said earlier on Tuesday, Providence and Chance had been involved in a scuffle over two passengers, whom Providence apparently had convinced to travel in the minibus he worked on, instead of the one Chance was with.

It is claimed that Providence got the better of the scuffle, which apparently angered Chance.

According to our source, later, while Providence was with friends at a shop in Campden Park, Chance appeared with a cutlass and began “firing chops” at Providence.

“I in my room and all I hear is murder, murder, murdooo and people balling….

“When I look out, I just see cutlass blasting. If you see blood in the street,” the individual said.

Several other men who were also at the shop, rushed to Providence’s assistance, taking away the cutlass from Chance, who fled the scene.

“Boy, the way he get that chop, you would swear he dead. You could almost see down in he belly….” the eyewitness added.

Up to press time on Wednesday, police were investigating. (AA)