20 win EC$200 from Digicel, eight to win EC$500 today
June 21, 2013

20 win EC$200 from Digicel, eight to win EC$500 today

Twenty persons walked out of Digicel’s Corporate Offices on Wednesday, with EC$200 in cold hard cash and today, Friday, June 21, eight more customers will each be rewarded, but this time with EC$500.{{more}}

On Wednesday, the lucky mixture of men and women, made up of both post-paid and pre-paid customers, were given the money as part of Digicel’s latest promotion, which gives money to random persons when they talk for three minutes or more on their mobile Digicel phones.

The promotion, which allows persons to win cash just by talking, is Digicel’s 2013 Carnival promotion, dubbed ‘Talk & Win’.

Marketing manager at Digicel Juno DeRoche said that the promotion involves both pre-paid and post-paid customers, while the winners are announced on Hot 97.1 FM every Friday. She said that Wednesday’s recipients were persons who had won on Friday, June 7th and Friday, June 14th, while today’s winners Friday, June 21st will win EC$500, as the company has increased the money, “because, as usual, we always have our customers at heart”.

From this Friday, a customer who talks for three minutes or more on any Digicel local call automatically qualifies to be one of eight persons who can win $500 cash weekly.

The promotion, which began on Friday, May 31st, enters a person who talks for three minutes or more into a random draw to win the cash.

Meanwhile,marketing executive Justin John said that Digicel is the only company that rewards customers just for talking and they have moved the winnings up to EC$500.

“The draws will be done live every Friday on Hot 97.1 FM and persons will win cash that is much welcomed in these times”, said John who added that the promotion will run throughout the Carnival season.

“We are making sure that our customers have that much needed extra cash for Vincy Mas 2013 and beyond”, said John.