Student’s sacrifice earns her spot in top 10 at CEE
June 18, 2013

Student’s sacrifice earns her spot in top 10 at CEE

Sariah Jackson did the Lodge Village Government School proud when she copped one of the top positions in the Common Entrance Examinations.{{more}}

Jackson, who placed 3rd among 1,104 girls and 4th overall, scored 93.33 per cent for Mathematics, 93.62 per cent for English and 95 per cent for General Paper.

The 11-year-old Green Hill resident told SEARCHLIGHT that she expected to be in the top 10 because she worked very hard for her place.

“I feel very good,” she said.

“I had to give up certain things, because I wanted to be in the top 10, so it was kind of hard not doing the things I normally do”.

She also mentioned that her parents, Ertha Samuel and Kendel Jackson encouraged her to study hard and do as much as she could on the day of examinations.

Jackson plays the piano and steel pan and has dreams of becoming a musician in the future.

The outstanding student is among the 38 students of the Lodge Village Government School who passed the exam.

Teachers lauded Jackson for being a focused student who strived for perfection.

One of her teachers, Shirla John, said that it was no surprise to her that Jackson had done so well.

“I think her results are just a reflection of how she has been working from kindergarten right up,” John declared.

Headteacher of the Lodge Village Government School June Branch-Russell explained that a lot of work went into getting their students ready for the national exams.

“We had to change their attitude,” Branch-Russell said.

“Coming from Grade 5…only 48 per cent of them passed to go to Grade 6. The teachers worked hard to change their attitude. We had all sorts of programmes for them…we prayed with them”.

The headteacher of seven years said that while she is happy to have a student in one of the top positions, the aim of the school is to add value to each of their students.

This year, the Lodge Village Government School had 14 passes in the first 500 positions and had a 65 per cent overall pass rate, 10 per cent more than the national average.(BK)