June 14, 2013

LIME launches ‘Start Calling Now’ campaign with one hour treats today

For one hour today, customers of LIME will have the opportunity to get their hands on various “treats”, as the company marks its latest “Start Calling Now” campaign.{{more}}

General manager Leslie Jack told reporters that from 4 to 5 p.m. today, customers can take advantage of a variety of deals, for as little as 60 cents.

“You can get Blackberry data activation and re-activiation for 60 cents,” he disclosed.

“In addition to that, you would be able to come in the store, and get selected post-paid handsets, including Blackberries for 60 cents. A Blackberry or any other handset will be sold for 60 cents, once you sign up for post-paid between 4 and five.”

Jack said the Blackberries included in the offer are the 9220, 9380, 9790, and the 9900.

Additionally, Jack said that the customers can purchase a sim card, and receive five dollars credit, for 60 cents, and persons signing up for broadband will get a modem for 60 cents, and signing up for a fixed line will get the customer a handset for 60 cents.

“You could trade in your phone and get a phone with ten dollars for 60 cents,” he added.

Jack said the deals are not only for service customers.

“You can get H2O packs for $60… as well as 100 minutes you can call anywhere and you can get your ‘Dirty, Sexy, Soca’ for six dollars.

“Top up six dollars and you get your ‘Dirty, Sexy, Soca’ tickets. Every six dollars you top up, you get a ticket.

“On Saturday, we will have a motorcade to the windward side of the island, where we will be giving away free sim packs, which include all the information on the new rates….

“You will also get handsets for 60 dollars, and you will also do trade in offers for 60 dollars on that weekend. We will also do the H2O packs and carnival Monday band package, and you can top up 15 dollars on the Saturday, and get two tickets to ‘Dirty, Sexy, Soca’.”

Customers can expect activities on the LIME promenade on Fridays, which would include giveaways, sales, entertainment and roast pork, said Jack.(JJ)