June 7, 2013

Former West Indies Regiment members in for sixth Biennial Reunion

Former members of the West Indies Regiment began arriving in St Vincent yesterday to celebrate their sixth Biennial Reunion.{{more}}

This is the first time that St Vincent and the Grenadines is hosting the prestigious event.

Local organizer John Horne told SEARCHLIGHT that at least 65 participants are expected.

A group of 25 arrived from Trinidad yesterday, and Dr Eitel Providence, a Vincentian, Ricardo Timm from New York, St Elmo Providence, Pat James of Trinidad and Tobago and Teddy Cato are expected to be in attendance.

Vincentian Robert “Nana” Durrant, who resides in Canada, was the best recruit of the first batch of recruits in 1959 and is also expected to attend the reunion.

The group of persons will participate in a list of activities which include visits to Black Point, Dark View Falls, and Montreal Gardens.

Additionally, a formal dinner, presentation of plaques, a church service and a tour to Bequia are included in the programme.

The activities will culminate on June 13.

According to a press release, the West Indies Regiment held its first Biennial Reunion in 2003 and continued to do so in the following years: 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011.

In 1958, a federation of the West Indies was inaugurated under British l Continued from Page 26

Governor General, Lord Hailes and headquarters were set up in Trinidad and Tobago.

January 1, 1959 marked the formation of the West Indies Regiment, a defense force for the federation, where young men from all Caribbean territories were enlisted and shipped off to headquarters in Jamaica.

However, the federation was dissolved in 1962 when Jamaica and Trinidad opted for independence on August 6 and 31 respectively. Upon its dissolution, members were given options of joining the New Jamaica Regiment, the Trinidad & Tobago Regiment, a British Regiment or returning to their home base.

Active members of the planning committee include former West Indies Regiment Members, Victor Hadley of Union Estates, Hadley Blooms, J. Ricky Dos Santos of Diamond and George Solomon.

The chairman of the local planning committee is former parliamentarian John Horne.