VSPCA pet clinic at Calliaqua a success
May 31, 2013

VSPCA pet clinic at Calliaqua a success

Fifty-nine dogs and cats were examined and treated recently by the veterinary department, working with the Vincentian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (VSPCA).{{more}}

The animals were treated by chief veterinary officer Dr Kathian Hackshaw and her team from the Ministry of Agriculture, at the Calliaqua Playing Field on May 21 and 23.

The clinics were part of the community outreach programme of the VSPCA. The clinics allow owners to bring in their pets for health services they would not otherwise receive because of cost or transportation difficulties.

Vaccinations and medications were dispensed to animals, and many owners also came to spay or neuter (tie off) their pets.

“This is greatly encouraged, as it is the only humane way to control animal over-population, which has become a serious problem in SVG, affecting both human and animal health, property, and even tourism – one of the country’s primary resources,” a release from the VSPCA said.

The release said because of the “tremendous response” from the public, the VSPCA and Ministry veterinarians will soon hold another clinic in Calliaqua, and throughout the year they will visit other villages in SVG.

“But until the VSPCA is able to obtain a mobile clinic, help is needed. For their invaluable assistance in Calliaqua, our deepest appreciation is extended to Cecil Charles for providing the venue; St Paul’s, Searchlight and Quik-Print for helping to spread the word; St Vincent Brewery for use of their tent; and KFC for donating a meal for those who safely and humanely brought in strays to be neutered,” the release said.

For more information on the VSPCA, or to find out how you can help, please call 532-9327, visit their website at www.vincentianspca.org, or find them on Facebook.