Customers win Digicel’s Mother’s Day shopping spree promotion
May 24, 2013

Customers win Digicel’s Mother’s Day shopping spree promotion

Bridgette Richards, Jamal Johnson, Dwight DaSilva and Marcellus Constance are the week two winners of Digicel’s Mother’s Day shopping spree promotion.{{more}}

The four walked away with hundreds of dollars in groceries after a 45-second run through Coreas Mini Mart on May 10.

Richards grabbed EC$847.71 worth of groceries; Johnson took home EC$766.67 worth, while DaSilva grabbed EC$667.25 worth. Daryl Constance, who ran for his father Marcellus, managed to take up EC$642.01 worth of groceries.

The promotion, which runs until Friday, May 31, will reward 15 winners, some three persons weekly. Someone becomes a winner when they collect all the letters to spell the word ‘MOTHER’. The letters are sent via text message when a customer tops up their phone EC$10 (for 1 letter) or EC$15 (for 2 or more letters).

The first set of winners was rewarded on Friday, May 3, in the form of Shelly-Ann Jacobs, Jennifer Froget and Reina Mc Donald.

Winners get an allotted amount of time to run through Coreas Mini Mart with shopping carts and collect as many grocery items as they could. They are asked not to pick up more than two of the same item. The value of the goods accumulated during the run is what they are allowed to go back to Coreas Mini Mart and shop for at anytime.

The draw to choose the winners will be done on Thursdays, while the exciting shopping runs will take place on Fridays.

Marketing manager at Digicel Juno DeRoche said “over EC$10,000 in groceries will be given away during the promotion and this is our way of rewarding out valued customers.”