April 12, 2013

Special offer for NGO’s to register as non-profit company for free

Non-governmental organizations desirous of becoming registered as a non-profit company now have the opportunity to do so, free of charge.{{more}}

The SVG Non State Actors Panel, a panel of civil society organisations

that was set up in 2008, is assisting organizations to become registered under a three-year capacity building project of civil society organizations/non state actors, for which they have received funding.

A release from the SVG Non State Actors Panel says that they have already registered some organizations and would like to assist 12 more in becoming legal entities.

“We are therefore urging non-registered organisation to make the best use of this opportunity; please note that all expenses for this process will be borne by the SVG Non State Actors Panel,” the release said.

As part of the project, the Panel is also compiling a comprehensive database of civil society organisations. They are therefore calling on active organisations to contact them, so that they could be added to the database.

The SVG Non State Actors Panel may be contacted at 496-4621 or by emailing

The panel consists of SVG Fair Trade Organization, SVG Credit Union League, SVG Planned Parenthood Association, SVG National Trust, SVG Hotel and Tourism Association, National Youth Council, National Council of Women, National Labour Congress, Projects Promotion Ltd. and Vinsave.