Fire, garbage trucks  collide near NEMO
April 5, 2013

Fire, garbage trucks collide near NEMO

A police official here is reminding drivers of their responsibility to pull aside on the approach of a fire truck.{{more}}

Head of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force Fire Brigade Superintendent of Police Kenneth John, referring to the law, told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that when drivers realise that a fire truck is approaching, they should draw up close to the left-hand side of the road and stop.

Quoting the law, John said: “He shall, on the approach of any engine, or other appliance of the fire brigade, approaching to or from a fire or suspected fire, draw up close the left hand of the road and stop, leaving the centre of the road clear for such engine, or other appliance, and no two motor vehicles shall stand abreast….”

John pointed out if the driver is found at fault for the accident by the court, he could have his driver’s license suspended or revoked.

John indicated that investigations are continuing into a smash-up last week, which put two service vehicles out of commission for the immediate future.

“On Wednesday 27th of March at about 1:10 p.m., fire appliance G450 was going to the scene of a fire at Questelles. The siren was on,” John reported.

John said that on approach to the NEMO junction, the fire truck collided with a garbage truck (TR431), owned by Garbage and Waste Disposal Management.

The truck, which was driven by Randolph Williams of Sharpesdale, was travelling ahead of the fire truck and attempted to make a right turn.

In the accident, officers Keith Matthews, Charles Adams, Paul Smart and Niquette Bess received back, neck and leg injuries, and received treatment at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

Up to press time, they were still at home, recovering from their injuries.

“The driver said he heard the siren, and looked in the mirror and saw the fire truck, but he thought he would make it in time,” John added.

In the meantime, John said that the department is making arrangements to have the damaged vehicle repaired, and he is uncertain as to how long it will be out of commission.

The fire chief said that the department is doing its best to deal with the fires that continue to plague the dry season, and is thankful for the rains that came over the past few days.

He said that despite the loss of one fire tender, the fire department is still in a position to adequately handle fire threats.

However, regardless of their ability to competently fight fires, the department is still urging the public not to light bush fires, nor leave lit fires unattended.

“We have an extra one (fire truck) on stand-by, which carries more water than the one we lost…. But individuals should still desist from starting these fires.,” John said.(JJ)