Heroes of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force
March 28, 2013

Heroes of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force

The Royal St.Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force has five heroes of its own.{{more}}

On Thursday, March 14, when the country celebrated National Heroes Day, head of the Traffic Department Superintendent of Police Kenneth John Station Sergeants Paul Jones and Desmond Samuel, along with Sergeants Custer Ambris and Ornan Jacobs, celebrated their 30th anniversary as law enforcement officers.

In an interview with the Police Public Relations and Complaints Department, Superintendent John praised God for helping him and the other officers to achieve this milestone.

John, the son of Zena John of Belle Vue and Cyprian Williams of Lowmans Windward, now deceased, said it was always his dream to be a police officer. He said as a youngster, he always looked at Bertie Pompey, former Deputy Commissioner of Police, riding a motor cycle and felt the desire to pursue a career just like Pompey when he grew up.

At age 19, after two years of teaching, John was enlisted as a member of the Royal St.Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, along with his colleagues, on March 14, 1983.

John, who is married to Marsha John of Stubbs, is the father of three children. He said over the years he had the opportunity to serve as a member of the Special Services Unit, the Honour Guard, the Traffic Department and as the outrider of the Prime Minister’s security detail. However, most of his time, a period spanning more than 20 years, has been spent at the Traffic Department.

“When I got the opportunity to work at the Traffic Department, that’s when I got to realize my dreams. I learnt to ride the motor cycle, I learnt the traffic laws and studied how to investigate accidents. I have been channelling all my energies along with the members of the Traffic Department in making the roads safe for road users,” said John, who was promoted to Superintendent of Police on December 10, 2012.

“When I became the head of the Traffic in July 2009, my main aim was to cut reported road accidents by 50 per cent. Today’s date, I have almost achieved that goal. I have been successful in reducing accidents by over 40 per cent,” said John.

John said his mission is to ensure that every traffic officer has a broad knowledge of the Traffic Act, as well as to ensure that Vincentians are treated equally by traffic police officers. “I would also like to see one year when there is no road fatality,” said John.

John said he will continue to serve the Royal StVincent and the Grenadines Police Force with distinction and to the best of his ability, as well as pave the way for future leaders who will be heading the Traffic Department.(Police Public Relations Department)