March 15, 2013

CWSA activates contingency plan due to lack of rainfall

The lack of rainfall currently being experienced in St Vincent and the Grenadines has begun to negatively impact three of the larger water sources of the Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA).{{more}}

A release from the CWSA said the sources affected include those at Jennings, Montreal and Dalaway, which together represent 65 per cent of the water supplied on St Vincent.

“In response to these adverse conditions, the CWSA has activated its contingency plan which includes the following: increased monitoring of system levels and water produced at all sources; sensitization of the general public about water conservation measures; targeting Government and public facilities to identify and address leaks and wastage; increased attention to the repair of leaks; the inter-linking of different systems in order to reduce the demand on affected systems,” the release, issued on March 8, said.

The CWSA has said it will continue to issue updates and will advise the general public of any further measures to be taken.