Impressive Cakes – designs with a difference
March 5, 2013
Impressive Cakes – designs with a difference

A passion for baking at a young age has turned into a career for Prospect resident Keith Williams. Williams has been commissioning cakes for approximately 16 years and told SEARCHLIGHT that his brainchild, Impressive Cakes{{more}}, functioned as a side job until a year and a half ago, when he decided to do it full-time.

“Anything with baking comes easy to me…I’m going to try and see if I can make it with this cake business,” he said.

The entrepreneur, who is trained as a refrigerator and air conditioning technician, said that most of his skills are self-taught; his only training was in Trinidad, where he learned to make floral icing decorations.

He explained that he inherited the art of cooking and baking from his mother and boasts exclusivity, as he stressed that no two of his cakes are alike.

“You can’t come with a cake from online. I wouldn’t do it because it would seem like it’s not my work,” he explained.

However, he mentioned that he would use the picture as a guide to provide what the customer desires.

“I love challenges; I don’t say no,” Williams expressed passionately.

Additionally, Williams explained that he uses only fondant and butter cream on his cakes and does not believe in using artificial products.

“I try my very best, especially with wedding cakes, not to put anything artificial on my cakes…ribbons, flowers…I make everything by hand,” he said.

Being owner and the sole employee of Impressive Cakes, Williams explained that he works from his home to provide a wide range of cakes at reasonable prices.

“My prices range according to what the person wants done on the cake,” he said.

He further said that basic cakes begin at EC$65, while wedding cakes can be as cheap as EC$700. Custom made cakes, “looking like an actual object”, start at EC$150, Williams told SEARCHLIGHT.

In addition to his reasonable prices, Williams mentioned that although basic cakes are only offered in chocolate and vanilla, he does not limit himself to simple flavours and that he tries his best to create whatever flavour his customer would like.

“That’s why I call it Impressive Cakes. I wanted it to be different, not like everybody else,” Williams said.

Williams is also very happy, because he has been able to acquire and keep a client base that he said has grown since the start of the year.

With successes, however, challenges are never far behind. Williams pointed out that one problem he has encountered is acquiring items that are needed to produce a desired quality of work.

“You have to use whatever resources you have here,” he said.

Williams also mentioned that although he did not start out with much confidence at the age of 20, he has grown in delivering quality cakes for his steady client base and caters to a wide range of events.

Williams can be contacted through his facebook page: