DeFreitas: Magnificent thing about to happen
March 5, 2013
DeFreitas: Magnificent thing about to happen

Those who laugh and scoff at Douglas DeFreitas will be silenced by a work of God.{{more}}

DeFreitas, managing director of BDS Limited, which operates NICE Radio, said during a radio broadcast yesterday morning that the Holy Spirit of God has prompted him to reveal that a magnificent thing is about to happen.

“I am confident that one day God will do something great. I am speaking prophetically now….” DeFreitas said.

“And for those who want to laugh, when God do His wondrous thing, you will be in awe and say ‘Lord, now I know.’ Continue to laugh until God is ready to do His thing you will find out, you will find out.”

Last week, Defreitas wrote to Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, asking him to discontinue legal proceedings against his company, a letter he said he wrote in humility and obedience to the Holy Spirit.

The company had, that same week, paid the prime minister EC $206,142.47 in judgment, interests and costs.

Gonsalves, however, in response to DeFreitas, said he would proceed with the matters.

Using two previous “prophesies” concerning Gonsalves, DeFreitas hinted that he had been right before, and he will be right again relating to the prime minister, and was prompted by the Holy Spirit to remind the prime minister and the public of his predictions.

“Do you remember before Dr Gonsalves got in the accident that almost killed him, that for three weeks straight every morning, I said God will put Dr Gonsalves flat on his back, to look at the ceiling and say ‘why me?’

“That Sunday when he received that terrible accident that almost killed him, my wife said ‘let’s go for a drive….’ I wasn’t interested and she said ‘man let’s go and… I went, and as we came around the bend at Argyle, what just took place; they had just removed Dr Gonsalves from the vehicle, with his face smashed in, and all kinds of thing.

I prayed for him then.”

DeFreitas also disclosed that he had prayed with Gonsalves prior to him becoming ill on a trip overseas.

“I want him to remember just before he went to Barbados, and got sick… I Douglas Roystan DeFreitas, called Dr Gonsalves three days before he travelled and I said to him ‘I called you Ralph, in obedience to the Spirit to pray with you, not for you.’

“I prayed with him exactly the prayers that God gave me to give him, and I said ‘look I wish you safety, and I wish you would change your life.’

“When he got to Barbados, he got terribly sick. When he came back, there was an event in church, and he came over to me and he put his hand around me and started to tell me how he was going with his wounds and so forth, and I said to him in his ears ‘I want you to change your life; please just change your life.

“I make this public pronouncement because of the spirit’s prompting, asking me to publicly remind him of those incidents,” DeFreitas stated.

DeFreitas said that he was following what was prescribed for him, in order for him to not suffer physically and spiritually.

“The Bible is the prescribed word of God; it is the spiritual prescription and our health prescription; we are at peace in heart and peace in mind when we follow in obedience to God.”

The Prime Minister told SEARCHLIGHT last week that there are two other cases against BDS which have already exhausted all their appeals, for which he is awaiting payment.(JJ)