Ottley Hall man shot in arm by unmasked assailant
March 1, 2013
Ottley Hall man shot in arm by unmasked assailant

Police are yet to make an arrest following a shooting which left two men nursing gunshot wounds.{{more}}

The shooting took place on February 22 at lower Middle Street.

Shortly after 2:30 p.m, gunshots rang out close to “Bambi” shop in Middle Street, leaving Ottley Hall resident Curtis Small nursing a gunshot wound to his right arm.

SEARCHLIGHT visited Small at the Male Surgical Ward of the hospital on Saturday, and the young man explained what had taken place.

The 23 year old said he was standing in the area of the shop when an unmasked gunman came up to where he was and pointed a gun at him.

“He pull de trigger and de shot ain’t buss first and then after I run. And after I run, now I hear a shot and when I look I get a shot in my hand,” Small said.

The bullet entered through the inside of his arm and exited the other side.

Small said while running in the area of the vegetable market, he heard another gunshot.

“I hear pow again and I say like the man shoot me pardna.

“I now done eat ah I-tal ah na. De man ain’t masked or nothing. De man been bare face…,” Small added.

Small said he knows his attacker and made it clear that he is not involved in any war with him.

“Me and he ain’t dey in nothing. Me and he ain’t get nothing. Through them have a little war over Baghdad (Ottley Hall) them involve me. Me ain’t even live Baghdad.”

Still perplexed by the turn of events, the father of one says he is just hoping to get better soon to take care of his one-year-old daughter.

Another man, whose name was given as “I-man” was shot in his finger. He was treated and released the same day from the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.(KW)