Senior Customs Officer wins Digicel’s $100,000 grand prize
February 15, 2013

Senior Customs Officer wins Digicel’s $100,000 grand prize

Duped into believing that she was one of five finalists set to win $100,000, Pauline Charles got the surprise of her life when she realized that she was already the winner.{{more}}

The Senior Customs Officer collected a cheque for that value, from mobile network provider Digicel, as the curtains came down on their 2012 “share a smile this Christmas” promotion, Tuesday this week, at the Flow Wine Bar in Kingstown.

Charles was selected by auditors last week as the grand prize winner, but promotion organizers at Digicel were not going to make it easy.

The unsuspecting Upper Questelles resident was informed that she had qualified for the finals, and had to take part in a treasure hunt against others, for a chance to win the grand prize.

Accompanied by marketing executive Justin John and a videographer, the clues took her to a number of locations around the city, including Famous Richie’s, Coreas Food Express, Kentucky Fried Chicken (Uptown), then to her final destination.

While sitting at Flow waiting for the other finalists, Charles was informed by Digicel OECS Public Relations Officer Jerry George, and Country Manager Sonia Polius that the wait was over – she was the winner.

Charles told SEARCHLIGHT, after accepting her cheque, and being congratulated by Digicel staff, relatives and friends, that the fact that she was a $100,000 richer had not kicked in as yet, and she was still wondering if it was real.

The mother of one said that she had not yet decided what she was going to do with her winnings, but she certainly intended to turn up for work as usual.

As a stipulation, Charles was expected to share her grand prize with another individual. Her choice was her grandmother Malika Ashton, whom she indicated she grew up with.

Charles topped up her phone on a very regular basis, to qualify for the finals draw.

Meanwhile, Marketing Manager Juno Deroche said that Digicel customers can look forward to other exciting promotions throughout the year, as the company celebrates its 10th anniversary in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

She said that customers will be taken down memory lane, receive gifts and prizes, and urged to be creative, as Digicel say thanks in its own unique and special way.

Deroche indicated that approximately $130,000 in cash and prizes were dished out in its Christmas campaign.(JJ)