Burglary suspect claims he’s being wrongfully accused
February 15, 2013

Burglary suspect claims he’s being wrongfully accused

Carlos Penniston, the man suspected of burglary and assault on a female in the Villa area on February 6, says he is being wrongfully accused.{{more}}

The 29-year-old Mckies Hill resident admitted to being in the vicinity at the time of the incident, but claims that he was not involved.

Penniston, who is presently warded at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital under police guard, nursing a gunshot wound to his right leg, told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that at the time of the incident, he was visiting another individual in the gap opposite Fitness Quest gym at Villa.

He said while awaiting a van to travel back to Kingstown, he saw another male individual running with a bag in his hand.

“While I there, I saw a tall man who looked like a crack head running from in the gap with a bag. So I say boy, he looked suspicious and thing, like he running from somebody. Is like I get a boost now and so I grab him, and took the bag from him and I bounce (walked) down the road.

“When I walking going down the street now, them Calliaqua police pass in a transport and stop. So, after they stopped, I run off the scene. But after I run off, they ran behind me. I run down by the beach and was by a rock when they (police) came cross and shot me in my leg and do me all kind of thing.”

He said he ran from the police because he had had previous encounters with the officers at the Calliaqua police station.

“They (police) did done tell me anytime they catch me in the area they will deal with me. So I try hustle off the scene.

“I hear them (police) say they see me. All them policeman round Caliiaqua know me good, so one of them wouldn’t have shout out me name, “Chune” (nickname) or something. What them talking is nonsense. Me aint been on that crime,” he added.

Penniston admitted to committing crimes in the past but “not this one.”

“I found an iPad, a phone and some money. They (police) say the bag came from the woman, but I didn’t know that.

“Truth is, I see the man as a crack head and I realize I could eat a small food. So I took the bag from he, but I didn’t commit that other crime.

“Me is a man does do crime yea, but if I do crime, I don’t afraid to admit and say yeah I do this or that. And even so, I don’t harass woman, because is six sisters I have and is one thing I don’t abuse nor assault women,” Penniston further stated.

The Mckies Hill resident says he feels “bad” about the situation because he is being accused of something he didn’t do.

In 2010, Penniston was arrested and charged for transporting illegal drugs from Union Island to St Vincent. He was sentenced to three years in prison.

“I done go prison three times and I have a little family and thing. One youth already and my girl pregnant again, so I think this is a sign dread. I plan to change my life when this thing clear because being wrongfully accused feels worse than actually doing the crime and having to pay for it,” he added. (AA)