BSS students complete four week voice, speech training
February 15, 2013
BSS students complete four week voice, speech training

Following a four-week exposure to professional voice and speech training, some students of the Buccament Secondary school are now ready to take the spot light.{{more}}

The students received compliments Englishmen Kurt Cantley, an actor from London and Peter McCarty, a musical director, who were contracted to the Buccament Bay resort Performing Arts Academy.

The two Englishmen, while on their twelve-week contract imparted their experience and talent to students.

“The techniques that were used, we feel will help them in later life in bring out confidence, learning how to pronounce words and speaking properly and introducing themselves with a sense of confidence.

“So, the drama really opens up those things for them as well,” Cantley said last Thursday, while speaking to SEARCHLIGHT during a visit to the resort’s Performing Arts Academy.

McCarty meanwhile commended the students for their efforts and said he was “impressed” by their quick response to learning.

“The kids have been great and they’ve shown that they are willing to advance themselves in the field of music and drama at a young age. And it’s great to start working with them when they are young.”

Denis Jardine, Deputy Principal of the school, expressed gratitude to the resort for allowing the students the opportunity to be exposed to the professional training.

“I know there is talent, but what is happening here, this talent is being harnessed and developed by the Harlequin resort and I cannot thank them enough for the work they are doing,” Jardine said.

According to Jardine, in education there must be a holistic approach and one of the things that can happen is the development of the arts, culture, music and drama.

“If students are exposed to these things, it always reflects on their academics. So, I’m thinking, as a school if you want to excel academically or in life generally, this is an extremely important venture,” he added. (AA)