Visitor from Finland enjoys SVG: ‘nothing negative to report’
February 12, 2013

Visitor from Finland enjoys SVG: ‘nothing negative to report’

Eero Sorila, a native of Finland, does not consider himself a normal tourist in St Vincent, as he tours the island by taking minibuses.{{more}}

Sorila told SEARCHLIGHT on Friday that he has been touring the island by himself, so that he can experience what being in St Vincent is truly like.

“I am very happy that this island still has the authentic life that is not deteriorated by too much tourists,” he said.

He also explained that when there is no bus, he walks and it is enjoyable because he has learned the system and it makes him feel like a local.

“I catch the bus. I hop in, I hop out. I hear the music,” Sorila explained.

Additionally, Sorila, who now lives in Canada, is a freelance writer and photographer and said that he intends to write about his experiences and capture beautiful images in St Vincent.

“I like the old antique buildings,” the writer said. “The natural stone is beautiful”.

The visitor also mentioned that he is very interested in the culinary aspects of the Vincentian culture, and has wanted to try the national dish of roast breadfruit and jackfish.

He has so far been unsuccessful in obtaining jackfish, but said that he has tasted breadfruit and was very intrigued by the experience.

A highlight of Sorila’s trip is that he is not staying in a hotel.

“I am staying in the mountainside. I was fortunate to meet some local people and so I live in a local home, with local people and they are so wonderful,” he explained.

Sorila told SEARCHLIGHT that he did not want to experience being in a hotel, and look at blank walls; he wanted to experience the culture.

In contrasting his homeland with St Vincent, Sorila pointed out that they are completely different. “The difference is exciting,” he said. “At this time, I will not recommend anyone to go to Finland.”

He explained that at present in Finland, there are only three hours of daylight before it gets dark once again.

The Finn also said that he is interested in finding out whether there are other Finnish people living in St Vincent, so that he can connect with them.

“My email address is,” Sorila said.

He said he would be very happy if they contact him.

Since his arrival on February 4, the Finnish national has visited the Botanic Gardens, Indian Bay and Fort Charlotte.

Sorila also said that he was on his way to Georgetown on Friday, to see what it is like in the countryside.

Sorila, who has nothing negative to say about St Vincent, will leave on February 21 and said that he intends to experience much more of the culture before he leaves. (BK)