Fire destroys upper storey of Campden Park house
February 1, 2013

Fire destroys upper storey of Campden Park house

Life goes on for Jahmya Edwards, who lost much of his material possessions in a house fire on Wednesday.The fire destroyed the top floor of the four bedroom two-storey concrete house in which he lived at Coconut Range, Campden Park.{{more}}

The house is owned by Omega Ferdinand who resides overseas.

Edwards, who has been renting for the past four years, told SEARCHLIGHT that he was not at home at the time of the fire.

“I was down the road at the time. I left two girls there and when I was down the road, I saw one of them running towards me and said the house was on fire,” Edwards explained.

Upon arrival, Edwards, who is a farmer, said he observed that the second storey of the building was ablaze.

Members of the fire department were summoned to the scene, but on arrival, there wasn’t much the fire officers could do to save the building.

“I lose a lot of things. I had some money inside, my televisions, other appliances and all my clothes. But what can I do, [other] than to just hold the faith and move on,” he said.

The first floor, which housed the kitchen, was spared. Among the items saved were a stove, fridge and food.

At press time, the cause of the fire had not yet been determined. However, an official from the fire department told SEARCHLIGHT that investigations are ongoing. (AA)