‘Be the change’ – GHS Young Leaders
January 29, 2013
‘Be the change’ – GHS Young Leaders

Girls’ High School Young Leaders yesterday encouraged their schoolmates to “Be the Change”, as they officially launched their young leaders project.{{more}}

Nafesha Richardson, president of the young leaders, said that their sub-theme, “An Individual Transformation for a Human Revolution”, originated from the thought that in order to make a substantial amount of change, one must start with oneself.

In her address, Richardson pointed out that this generation is considered the catalyst for change and so, they must be willing to make an individual change in order to foster a revolution.

“I believe that in the near future, this world can make a change,” Richardson said. “I believe that we are all capable of an individual transformation and that a human revolution is in the making.”

The president also highlighted two major projects that the young leaders will undertake that attack the transformation and revolution mentioned in their sub-theme.

In the mentorship programme, the young leaders “work along with other students or adolescents to take notice of the problems being faced in the world” and provide a “hand in hand tutelage”.

The second project, designed to create a revolution, is a pledge programme.

Richardson pointed out that through pledging, one’s signature will represent an individual start to a personal transformation.

Additionally, the fourth form student told SEARCHLIGHT that they hope to have a large number of pledges and that the project will continue after the one-year Young Leaders project.

“It will show that people actually want to be the change,” she said.

Jimelle Roberts, coordinating teacher, said that the public can look forward to good things from the GHS Young Leaders and that the girls were chosen based on their capability to handle the role of a young leader.

As leading coordinator, Roberts said her role will take a lot of work, but with determination, things will run smoothly.

“I expect the girls to be the change in order to carry out their theme.”

The teacher pointed out that the group of 30 is ready and willing to work on their projects and that she thinks this programme will help to develop the girls positively.