Budgmart customers can now shop online
December 7, 2012
Budgmart customers can now shop online

Shoppers in St Vincent and the Grenadines now have the option to shop at a local department store via the Internet.{{more}}

Budgmart, which has always been at the front of cutting edge technology by being one of the first stores to embrace POS (point of sale) systems, has done it again with the introduction of a fully working ecommerce website.

The site, which was launched on November 30, makes it possible for customers to go online at www.budgmart.com and view and shop among the hundreds of products that are displayed.

“This is indeed a milestone for our company, as it has been in the making for several years now, spending lots of hours and resources in design and also in populating the site,” a release from marketing executive Danielle Baptiste said.

“The site will now enable all of our customers, and especially those where time is a premium, to shop on their own terms. The site is fully functional and customers can sign up for our newsletter, where they will be given even more opportunity to get advance notices of sales and other offers sent via email to their inbox,” the release said.

“Websites are now very common in the larger countries, but we believe that this addition to our marketing portfolio can only enhance the shopping experience of the shopping public who will be the real winners.

“Full delivery services to our customers’ doors are not yet operational, as the infrastructure is not in place for credit card address verification to prevent fraudulent purchases, but we will work with customers outside of the automatic payment system if required. At this stage, although there are hundreds of products online, the site is not a 100 per cent reflection of the store as yet, but it will be updated and changed continuously, so the public is advised to visit regularly. Visit www.budgmart.com for more details.”