Demerara Mutual  hands out book awards
November 30, 2012

Demerara Mutual hands out book awards

Three students, all boys, were last Friday afternoon presented with book awards by the Demerara Mutual Life at a brief ceremony at its office on Grenville Street, Kingstown.{{more}}

The recipients of the $300 book awards, Julano Peters, Akeili Latham and Kiri Samuel are first form students of the St Vincent Grammar School.

Peters placed 106th overall, while Latham placed 172nd and Samuel 127th at the 2012 sitting of the Common Entrance Examinations.

Manager of the local branch of Demerara Mutual Frederick Richards encouraged the boys to work hard and make the company proud.

Responding of behalf of the recipients, Latham affirmed that they would reciprocate.

Richards revealed that the scholarship awards began in 1991, and so far there have been over 100 recipients of scholarships and book awards, many of whom have gone on to university.

The island manager said that scholarships are open to children of policyholders, as well as to children who themselves own policies with Demerara Mutual.

The member must be a policyholder for one year or more to qualify.

In outlining the other criterion, Richards noted that students must attain a minimum of 75 per cent average at the Common Entrance Examinations to receive the full scholarship.

To maintain the scholarship, the students must uphold an overall average of 69 per cent or more at their school’s exams.

Richards is appealing to policyholders to make use of the annual offers made by his company, by encouraging their children to meet the standards prescribed and make good of the handouts.

Nigel Rodney, one of Demerara Mutual’s local sales representatives, expressed his satisfaction that all of the book awardees are males, given the issues confronting males in the society.

Last Friday’s handing over was also witnessed by parents of the three recipients. (RT)