November 30, 2012

613 AIDS related deaths recorded in SVG as of September 2012

As of September this year, St Vincent and the Grenadines has recorded 613 AIDS related deaths.{{more}}

This is according to figures presented by the National AIDS Secretariat (NAS) to SEARCHLIGHT this week, outlining the number of reported HIV and AIDS cases in this country since 1984.

Of the deaths, 403 persons were male and 210 female.

Sixteen of those persons, 10 male and six female died this year.

The statistics show that the highest number of AIDS related deaths in one year was in 1999, when 45 persons died, while the lowest death count was zero in 1985.

In relation to HIV, there have been 1,286 cases since 1984, with 23 recorded this year: 15 male and eight female.

In 2004, 108 persons — 64 males and 44 females — tested positive for HIV, the highest number to date.