Security companies  partner to reduce burglary incidents and theft
November 16, 2012

Security companies partner to reduce burglary incidents and theft

The partnership between Third Eye Security Systems and E Homes Caribbean is expected to reduce the incidents of burglary and theft experienced by their local customers.{{more}}

At a presentation and exhibition Monday, managing director of E Homes Caribbean Tim Thorogood, along with management and staff of the New Montrose office of Third Eye Security Systems, displayed their products for members of the business community, homeowners and the constabulary.

The principals say that the presence of E Homes Caribbean has brought the automated touch to the conventional ways of monitoring a home or business, whether the occupants are present or not.

“It’s like total control from the palm of your hands,” Harvey Graham, co-owner of Third Eye Security said, referring to the ability to monitor one’s premises with the help of a smart phone, tablet computer or computer.

His Barbados based business partner, George Oscar Wilkinson, elaborated on the point, saying that the new alliance allows Third Eye customers to be at ease, regardless of where they are around the world.

“… So you can now control your lights, you can have music in your house, you can control your temperature, burglar alarm systems, and if someone tries to break in you, can get notification on your iPhone, iPad or any smart device that you choose…”

Graham and Wilkinson said the partnership between the two companies enhances the services rendered by Third Eye.

“It makes it easier to be operated and gives a greater sense of awareness of what is going on around your home.

“It gives you the ability to make your house seem like someone is there, even if you are in Australia. And this would deter would-be burglars from targeting your home,” Wilkinson explained.

Graham added that before this innovation, a client’s home would be dark and appear abandoned, but with E Home, the customer can watch what is going on in and around their home or business place, and change the ambience.

“You are in your office, or wherever you are, you can simply go on your computer or your phone or tablet, and turn on your appliances so the burglar would think twice about breaking in.”

During his demonstration, Thorogood, accompanied by his wife and sales and marketing director at E homes Caribbean Alison, showed the current and potential clients how to access lights, cameras and music, in and around their homes and businesses remotely, with the use of his iPad tablet and iPhone.

Thorogood pointed out to SEARCHLIGHT that the automated remote system works as both a security system and as a form of energy management, that has fascinated potential clients wherever the products have been demonstrated.

“I think that what is so good about this, is that you can do this remotely… To check the status of your security system and to make sure that everything is secure … and the degree of control and convenience that you have with one single device, and the fact that it is so easy to use from one single ‘app’.”

All three men said that the new system is available to all classes of home and business owners at a reasonable price.

E Homes is based in Barbados, with offices in Trinidad and Tobago and St Lucia, while Third Eye Security Systems is based in St Vincent and the Grenadines and Barbados. (JJ)