Entrepreneurship in business is solution to economic problems – Quashie
November 16, 2012
Entrepreneurship in business is solution to economic problems – Quashie

Managing Director of Youth Business SVG Kenrick Quashie is of the opinion that entrepreneurship in business is the solution to the economic problems here in St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

“Entrepreneurship brings about innovation. Innovation brings about productivity and that is what we want,” Quashie said, while speaking at a press conference last Friday at the De Freitas and Associates building at Murray Road.

Quashie said because of the state of the local economy, the job market is saturated.

“Almost anybody and everybody can think up or know of someone who may have his or her degree, but remains unemployed,” he said.

“It’s not the government’s duty to find jobs for everyone.

“They cannot do that,” Quashie said.

He called on the private and public sector to come together to help people start businesses in order to reshape the struggling economy.

Quashie also encouraged young business entrepreneurs to think beyond St Vincent and the Grenadines as their market.

“The world is our oasis,” he stated.

“We have information and communication technology online and once you’re online, you can target anybody, anywhere in the world.

“With all those components put together, we believe that Youth Business can help our young people to capitalize on the resources to start real business,” Quashie further noted.

Meanwhile, from November 12 to 18, St Vincent and the Grenadines will, for the first time, join the rest of the world in recognizing Global Entrepreneurship Week.

In commemoration of the week’s celebrations, Youth Business SVG will be hosting a number of activities.

These include a national stakeholders’ symposium, visits to secondary schools, as well as a productivity workshop facilitated by Andrea Galindo, a representative from the World Bank. (AA)