IHS is October winner of School Bible quiz
November 13, 2012
IHS is October winner of School Bible quiz

Rockwell Lewis of the Intermediate High School is the winner of the Secondary School Bible Quiz for October.{{more}}

He received his prize from Joell Warren, a representative of the organizer, at the school’s general assembly yesterday.

The new slogan of the quiz “Read, Love, Follow God’s Word” was highlighted.

This is the second time a student of the IHS has won the quiz.

The previous winner was Ai-Yonte Jack in April 2011.

The annual awards ceremony of the SSBQ will be held on December 11.

Among the awards to be presented will be a Distinguished Graduate Award.

Students who have entered the quiz five or more times have until November 16 to submit their CSEC results in order to vie for this award.