Rating system for hotels to be implemented soon
November 9, 2012
Rating system for hotels to be implemented soon

A system which rates hotels is expected to be implemented here soon.{{more}}

Glen Beache, Chief Executive Officer of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority (SVGTA), said during a press conference on October 30 that the taxi drivers are already on board with the system of standards that will soon be implemented.

But the process is not expected to be an easy one, Beache warned.

There are a variety of rating schemes throughout the world, and according to Beache, his team is meeting with officials from the American Automobile Association (AAA) of North America for recommendations.

The idea of implementing a rating system, Beache explained, stems from a problem developing across the region, where visitors paid four-star rates, but were receiving two-star accommodations.

“They have allowed the hotels to rate themselves and they are going to see a backlash on this,” the SVGTA top man said.

This was not something that the authorities wanted to happen here, Beache said, especially with the international airport set to be completed shortly.

He said that, based on the discussions he had with airlines, they have expressed the importance of having a rating system, saying that it is very important to them to have one.

“I know that some hotels will be scared, but all this means is that hotels will have to meet minimum standards,” he explained.

“The simple things, we have to get it right from the start,” Beache continued, adding that it is important that the government work with all the relevant stakeholders.

“We will not be going out for anybody, but the minimum standards will have to be met if we want to be a key player,” Beache said. (DD)