Family of five loses  home to fire
November 9, 2012

Family of five loses home to fire

An Ottley Hall resident was devastated last Friday by a fire that claimed her home and all of her belongings.{{more}}

Amelia Porter, a mother of five, told SEARCHLIGHT in an interview Monday, that she was in Kingstown when she heard the news.

“…after 11 minutes to 12, a young lady came up and told me if I hear what happened,” Porter said. “She told me my house burn flat”.

Porter stated that she left the house between the hours of nine and ten to celebrate her birthday, and she does not recall leaving anything on that may have started a fire.

Fortunately, Porter’s children were all in school at the time of the incident.

The woman stated that she is surrounded by trees and does not have many neighbours and no one has indicated having seen anything pertaining to the fire.

She further highlighted her distress and frustration at having lost everything.

“I’m frustrated. I just can’t focus,” Porter said.

Amelia’s sister, Racquel Porter, said that she was overwhelmed by the news, especially since they recently lost their father.

“…to hear that her house burn down, it really, really break me down, but I have to stay strong for her.”

Although sad at the turn of events, Racquel expressed her happiness and thanks to God that her sister and children are alive and well.

“I’m happy that she is okay and the children is okay. Nobody lives have lost and I thank God for that,” she said.

Fitzroy Burges, Amelia’s boyfriend, shares the same sentiments as her sister.

Burges highlighted how hard it is to lose everything, particularly when you have five children who are in school.

He also stated that people are willing to aid in getting Porter back on her feet and that they welcome any assistance that individuals are willing to give.

Since the incident, Porter has been staying with her sister Racquel at Campden Park.

Racquel said that she tries to make them feel as comfortable as possible and she hopes the children can return to school soon without losing their focus.

A report has been made to the police and they are investigating the matter.

In a press release Monday, police stated that arson is suspected.