Hinds to bring Phenomenal Woman Conference to SVG
November 6, 2012
Hinds to bring Phenomenal Woman Conference to SVG

Plans for the staging of the first Karen Hinds’ Phenomenal Woman Conference are well underway. The event is scheduled to be held on Saturday, April 13, 2013, at the Methodist Church Hall in Kingstown.{{more}}

A release from organiser Vincentian Karen Hinds states that the conference is an opportunity for women to recharge their batteries, rediscover and strengthen their dreams and purpose and tune into the feminine qualities that make them phenomenal, and get grounded spiritually. The conference will encourage women to make and sustain positive changes in their lives and further accelerate their personal and professional growth, the release adds.

There will be guest speakers from the USA, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Barbados. Additional speakers, including a male, are still being confirmed.

The theme for the conference is: “Healed, Whole, Happy.” Guest speakers will share their own real life stories of how they have triumphed over common life obstacles. They’ll also challenge women to release the old hurts and pains of their lives, explore the intricate pieces that make them women and learn how to keep it together and still maintain peace and joy, as they prepare to launch into a new phase of life.

“I started this annual conference because I want to see women in St Vincent realize their full potential by using the life stories of other women who made it through. We deliberately included a male speaker because it’s important to see the male perspective as well. We are encouraging the women to come together and bring their friends and co-workers and to make a special effort to bring young women who can learn from the older women,” Ms Hinds says.

The conference registration includes lunch, a goodie bag with samples and coupons from local companies, as well as two follow-up online classes with Karen Hinds and guests.

Confirmed speakers so far are US-based radio personality Allison Demers Campagna; columnist for the “Hey Rosie” column in the Searchlight newspaper, Rosanne Small-Morgan; Chair of the Evangelical Association of the Caribbean, Barbadian Jenifer Johnson and Karen Hinds. The conference is expected become an annual affair and part of the proceeds this year will benefit Marion House.