Gay Vincentian in Canada fears for his life if repatriated
November 6, 2012
Gay Vincentian in Canada fears for his life if repatriated

Supporters of a gay Vincentian scheduled to be repatriated from Canada on Thursday, citing a 2009 beating, says his life would be in jeopardy if he returns home.{{more}}

Augustas “Father” Dennie of Rose Place migrated to Canada in 2009 because of anti-gay violence, Canadian media reports say.

They say Dennie fears he will be killed if he returns to St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“They discovered I was gay. I tried to ignore my bullies, but they did not like it. They took a big rock and hit my head with it. My right side was paralyzed. I was in a coma for a whole week and my friends thought I was dead,” the Canadian press reported Dennie as saying.

However, some residents of Rose Place told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday that the incident that resulted in Dennie being hospitalized in a coma was not anti-gay violence.

“Nah man! He and his people them get into things and they beat him up. He just used that fighting scene to try and get refugee status,” said an individual who did not disclose their identity.

“No one from round here (Rose Place) or where he (Dennie) use to lime ever use to harass him for being gay,” the individual further said.

Another individual, who gave the alias “Power Pack”, said Dennie was a humble individual and got along well with everyone in the community.

“Despite what he say about people beating him up because he gay — and that ain’t true — he’s welcome to come home and back to this community anytime. We have no problems with Father,” Power Pack said.

Other residents said they did not have any hatred nor did they want to beat up the gay man.

Meanwhile, Dennie’s lawyer in Canada, Pablo Irribarra, has said he is waiting for a decision in the judicial review process of Dennie’s pre-removal risk assessment.

He said if Dennie’s claim is denied again, their last resort would be to go to federal court, Canadian media reported.

Irribarra said Dennie’s claim was denied partly because of questions about a past relationship with a woman, with whom he fathered three sons.

Irribarra said this relationship existed only as a cover for Dennie because homosexuality is illegal in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Canadian press also reported that Dennie has received a letter of support from Canadian Member of Parliament Olivia Chow and members of Toronto’s gay and lesbian community.

“I have witnessed too many beatings of my friends who are gay. Some have been murdered. I am so grateful for the help I have been given so far in Canada,” Canadian media quoted Dennie as saying. (AA)