Renwick Rose attends conference in Prague
October 19, 2012
Renwick Rose attends conference in Prague

Recently retired coordinator of WINFA Renwick Rose continues to assist the organisation with advocacy work on behalf of the farmers of the Windward Islands.{{more}}

This week he is in Prague, the Czech Republic, attending meetings linked to international observation activities for World Food Day and the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

On Tuesday, World Food Day, Rose participated in and addressed an international conference dealing with issues such as the value chain in the global banana industry and the importance of workers and farmers getting just returns for their efforts in production.

On Wednesday, also in Prague, activities were organised to highlight the need to intensify the struggle to eradicate poverty and hunger in the world.

Rose is among a number of persons invited to share their expertise with participants from the “new” European Union member countries from Eastern Europe. The focus is on campaigns to ensure that firms involved in the global fruit trade live up to their corporate responsibilities towards producers, workers and consumers.

Rose also participated in meetings organised by the European Banana Network, EUROBAN, yesterday and continuing today.