September 25, 2012
Vincy products wow ALBA Fair

An assortment of Vincentian products was on display at the ALBA Fair in Caracas, Venezuela, from September 12 to 14.{{more}}

The products were showcased as part of Invest SVG’s mandate to boost export development in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The investment promotion agency displayed rums, jellies, chilli sauce, beers, carbonated beverages, arrowroot flour, and cassava farine, in addition to promotional material for firms here.

Since the ALBA fair, talks have begun between the agency and persons in Venezuela, including PESCALBA, who have expressed interest in these Vincentian products, and conducting other commercial business with this country, Invest SVG said.

The exhibition showcased a variety of products and services in hope of establishing and boosting commercial linkages between member states of ALBA, of which St Vincent and the Grenadines is one of eight members, the agency further stated.

ALBA — the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America — serves as an integration platform for countries within Latin America and the Caribbean.

It is a political, economic, and social alliance in defence of the independence, self-determination and the identity of the peoples comprising it.

Kingstown’s ambassador to Caracas Andreas Wickham, and Minister Counsellor Yvette Wickham visited the Vincentian exhibition.

Invest SVG said that it continues to urge local businesses to take advantage of its free business registration, as it allows firms to receive information on events such as trade fairs and other missions, as well as grant funding, professional training and academic scholarship opportunities.