All Saints University signs MOU with government of SVG
September 14, 2012
All Saints University signs MOU with government of SVG

A memorandum of understanding between All Saints University and The Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines was signed on Wednesday, one year after that institution was opened here.{{more}}

This signing of the document now provides the medical institution with the same benefits that any other tertiary level facility of its kind enjoys.

The signing of the MOU allows for students at the facility to have access to resources of the Ministry of Health, including access to patients, clinics, autopsies, radiological and laboratory services.

Minister of Health Clayton Burgin also announced that included in the terms are that government has agreed to grant the university a 20-year lease of 35,000 square feet of land at the current location at Belair.

“There will also be certain construction incentives, operational incentives, as well as concessions on laboratory equipment and supplies, office equipment and supplies, on imported material, among others,” the minister continued.

According to Burgin, the process of signing the MOU was delayed to ensure that both parties are in agreement on issues relating to eligibility, admission, rotation of students, the status of students in the programme, the undertakings of the government and the university.

“I am happy to say here this morning that both parties are completely satisfied with the current arrangements,” Burgin said.

“Of course we have left the doors wide open for the continuation of dialogue, because in much the same way as every other endeavour in life, opportunity must be provided for evaluation of our efforts,” he continued.

Dr Joshua Yusuf, President of All Saints University, in his presentation, said that he is grateful to the government for providing them with the opportunity to establish a medical school here.

He explained that the delay in the signing of the MOU was as a result of some remaining logistics to be taken care of and it was important that both sides overcame those issues.

“Both parties worked together on the agreement to ensure that the document fits the needs of both parties,” the school’s president said.

He told the gathering that it is the intention of all those at the medical school to remain here.

Yusuf also explained that the school has been growing in the one year it has been operating here.

According to the school’s official, there are currently 126 students enrolled, up from 22 when the school opened and the faculty has also increased, moving from four to 15.

There are now 13 Vincentian students enrolled at the medical school, up from four last year. (DD)