Langley Park Government School matter being dealt with – Ministry
September 7, 2012
Langley Park Government School matter being dealt with – Ministry

Following concerns of a teacher shortage voiced by the parents of students at the Langley Park Government School, the Ministry of Education has said that the matter is being dealt with.{{more}}

In the September 4 issue of SEARCHLIGHT, it was reported that some parents took their children back home when they arrived at the school to find only six teachers present.

A release from Nicole Bonadie-Baker, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Education, stated that the school opened on Monday, September 3, with 206 students and six teachers, with the understanding that “the full complement of staff would be deployed with the expediency which the administrative procedures allow”.

It was also stated in the release – which was received on Wednesday afternoon, after several unsuccessful attempts to contact chief education officer Lou-Ann Gilchrist – that, at present, the primary school has nine teachers and that all classes are covered.

When SEARCHLIGHT contacted deputy principal Morlines Charles on Wednesday, she confirmed that teachers had been assigned to the school.

Desiree Pilgrim, mother of a Grade 1 student at Langley Park Government, said that as far as she witnessed, the school still does not have a full complement of teachers.

“We [the parents] are just waiting to see what happens now,” she said.

Pilgrim also said that a delegation from the Ministry of Education visited the school on Tuesday afternoon, and delivered new furniture as well.

A source at the school, who wished to remain anonymous, said on Wednesday, eight teachers were present at the school.

Bonadie-Baker’s release stated: “At the end of the 2011/2012 school year, 20 students had registered for Kindergarten. However, on Monday, September 3, it was revealed that there were 45 students at that level.”

Our source said that even though the kindergarten now has two sections for its 45 students, there is still only one teacher.

The ministry stated that it “assures the public that every effort is made to ensure that all schools are fully staffed in order for instruction to take place.”(JV)