August 24, 2012
Residents clean up Byera

The Byera Community came alive on Tuesday, when residents cleaned areas of the village including the bus shed and around the Bysave Community Centre.{{more}}

The community efforts were supported by the Solid Waste Management Unit which provided gloves, garbage bags, shovels and rakes and members of the community who provided garbage bags. The members of the football team in the area also painted the wall of the cemetery as part of their contribution to the efforts.

Director of Vinsave Janice Fraser and Social Work Intern UWI, Cave Hill, Barbados, Veronica Belle indicated that they were pleased with the efforts of the community. Members of the community also said that they were happy to be involved in the community effort.

The business houses and individuals and other members of the community provided the resources and came together and cooked their favourite “boil down” from which everyone was refreshed after the activity.

The three organizations – Vinsave, the Soild Waste Management Unit and the Community Development Division; have made a commitment to continue to work in the community. The effort will continue on September 1, when the members of the community will again engage in the community clean up and beautification.