August 17, 2012
Intermediate High School student returns commendable performance

Kimberly Ferdinand, a former Intermediate Secondary School student, may not have achieved any grade ones at this year’s CSEC exams, but the 17-year-old says she’s very proud of what she has achieved.{{more}}

The Edinboro resident obtained eight of the nine CSEC subjects she wrote, with six grade two passes and two grade three passes.

Kimberly also topped her class by obtaining the most subjects among peers.

She admitted that while attending school, she was not among the top students and was “somewhat surprised” by the results.

“I am still dreaming,” she said.

“It’s not that I didn’t study or anything, but to be the top among my class — it’s so amazing,” she added.

Kimberly told SEARCHLIGHT that she is aware that her former school is not “highly recognized” as one of the top academic institutions in the country.

“It’s not about the school; it’s about how you apply yourself,” the ambitious young lady said.

Kimberly credited her teachers and mom, Jillian Ferdinand, who supported her during her studies.

“It’s all about remaining focussed and doing a lot of studying; that helped me to accomplish these results and I want other students at my former school to know that hard work and dedication bring success,” Kimberly stated. (AA)