August 3, 2012
Rotaracters complete Toastmasters Speechcraft Programme

The Achievers Toastmasters Club of St Vincent and the Grenadines recently completed a programme which consisted of 6 sessions of public speaking training for the Executive Members of the Rotaract Club of St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

From May 12 to July 18, 2012, four members of the Achiever’s Toastmasters Club worked with the Rotaract Executive for 2012/2013 to deliver the Toastmasters Speechcraft Programme. Speechcraft – a programme module of the Toastmasters International’s Success/Communication series – is designed to develop or improve the skills of participants in preparing speeches and speaking in public. Delivered on the request of the Rotaract Executive, the programme was coordinated and executed by Toastmaster Glenda Matthews, with the assistance of Toastmasters Francesca Burnham-Onu, Melene Glynn, Ken Onu, and Janice McMaster.

Six members of the 2012/2013 Rotaract Executive, led by President Philon Hackshaw, participated in the programme. They received training in preparing and delivering written speeches, presenting impromptu speeches, and conducting effective meetings.

At the final session on July 18, participants presented their final speeches and received Certificates of Participation. Toastmaster Gloria, the guest speaker for the session, encouraged Rotaracters to use their new skills effectively as they moved forward, ensuring that they always represented themselves and their abilities successfully through their manner of speech.