August 3, 2012
New Vincy group formed in Toronto

The Toronto SVG Group was launched on July 15, at a function billed as a “Summer Social Event”. The launch activity lived up to its bidding, as the new group hosted a receptive crowd of over 200 patrons.{{more}}

The Toronto SVG Group is an amorphous group of notable Vincentians resident in Toronto. Aims and objectives are focused primarily on promoting St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) in the diaspora, in a manner that is positive and rewarding, ultimately making one proud to be ‘Vincy’. The group will liaise and work with any interested party to achieve its goals.

Proceeds from all functions will be donated to worthy causes and charities in SVG. The first donation is expected to be made to the Liberty Lodge Boys’ Training Centre.

The “Summer Social Event” showcased Vincy talent as has rarely been done in Toronto. One of the main visual displays was an Art Exhibition, which featured a number of outstanding artists and craftsmen (all Vincentian), based in SVG and Toronto. On display, were presentations from ‘Nzimbu’ Browne, Lennox ‘Dinks’ Johnson, Owen Ralph, Simone Ottley, Kenny Coombs, and Gideon Gill, among others.

The entertainment segment of the event was exceptionally well received. Eleven-year-old pan sensation Saeed Bowman garners rave reviews wherever he performs; this event further enhanced his growing reputation. Earl ‘Ole George’ Daniel was magnificent with his comedy; his punch lines were well timed and his performance left everyone chuckling long after he had left stage. Other notable performances came from Sean Sutherland, Brian Anderson and Ardon Bess. Ricky Bowman gave his usual excellent vocal performance. A duet with nephew Saeed on pan almost stole the show, with a stirring rendition of William Bell’s “Everyday will be like a Holiday”. The grand finale saw all the artistes coming together in a thrilling rendition of Becket’s “SVG I love you”.

Lennox ‘Scully’ Hunte was a special guest coming from his New York base, as he seeks to re-establish his artistic and creative ways. Consul General Steve Phillips, applauded the members of the group for their vision and wished this new endeavour great success. Cultural Officer Anthony Theobalds, who extended greetings from the SVG Ministry of Culture, was also well received and should have a glowing report on the evening’s proceedings.

The inaugural members of the group are: Cynthia (John) Bentham, Sandra Bobb, Ricardo ‘Ricky” Bowman, Stuart Brereton, Kenny Coombs, Raymond England, Lennox Fraser, Allan John, Bernard ‘E.B.’ John, Shelley John, Albert ‘Bert’ Niel, Junior Thompson, Dougal Williams and Youlanda Williams.

All in all, the Toronto SVG Group has started a trend that bodes well for SVG and its talented people and may well establish an especially positive vibe for all things ‘Vincy’.