August 3, 2012
Courts delivering Facebook challenge

Fans of furniture and appliance giants Courts have an extra reason to surf the company’s Facebook page these days. They stand a chance of winning prizes by playing the ‘Courts Delivers’ promotional game.{{more}}

One Dell Inspiron laptop computer, and one TCL 24 inch LED television set are up for grabs, for persons who accumulate the most points over the duration of the campaign, which began on July 9, and runs until September 6 this year.

Players will win points for each Courts package delivered: jumping over short hurdle, jumping over medium hurdle, jumping over high hurdle; finishing 1 lap within the 2 minutes, finishing 2 laps within the 2 minutes, and finishing 3 laps within the 2 minutes; and can lose points by tripping over high hurdle, tripping over medium hurdle; falling at the end of a hole, tripping over short hurdle, and falling in the middle of a hole.

To play the game, players must be 18 years or older, or have their parent’s permission to play.

They must then create a login for the Courts Delivers game by selecting a user name and password. This login will keep the players’ score in the game. All competitors must enter true and accurate information about themselves in order to win.

Players can maintain only one login during the competition and can play the Courts Delivers game as many times as they wish.

In keeping with the 2012 Summer Olympics, which is currently taking place in London, UK, Courts fans from all over the world will be taking part in the competition.

Local Marketing Manager of Courts Alexis John said that the latest campaign can bring fans of the Courts Facebook page closer together, while providing entertainment and rewarding them all at the same time.