July 20, 2012
CDC sad about Fraser’s death

The Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) has expressed deep sadness at the recent passing of Godfrey Bobby Fraser, a past member of its predecessor organization, the Carnival Development Committee.{{more}}

Fraser died at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital on July 15 at the age of 70 years.

Fraser was a member of the CDC during the period 1976 – 1986, serving principally in the role of Public Relations Officer. He was also Coordinator of the Calypso Tents subcommittee in 1977 and 1978, when the CDC organized and managed Calypso Tents.

In addition, Fraser was a founding member of Club 69 Calypso Tent which functioned during the early 1960s, and one of the founders of the Starlift Steel Orchestra. At one time he wrote calypsoes and collaborated with the late Lloyd ‘Lord Hawke’ Providence, former Calypso Monarch and Road March King. He was also a masquerader of note.

Fraser was an acclaimed playwright, known for his plays “Leroy”, “Life with Mabel” and “The Courting of Beatrice”, which he co-wrote with the late Chester Rogers.

A veteran media professional, Fraser spent most of his days employed in the public service, beginning his working life as a student teacher. After teaching for a number of years, in 1973, Fraser joined the staff of radio Radio 705 as News Editor and Sales Manager.

After many years at the radio station, Fraser was transferred to the Government Information Service (GIS) in 1986. Except for a short stint at Her Majesty’s Prisons, where he was posted as a Welfare Officer, Fraser remained at the GIS until his retirement in 1997.

Fraser is survived by his wife Janice, children Nicole, Andrew and Antoinette, other relatives and friends.

His funeral service is expected to be held on Wednesday, July 25, at the St George’s Cathedral in Kingstown.