July 17, 2012
Rockies man alleges woman intentionally spreading HIV virus

Phillip John, a resident of Rockies and a carrier of the HIV virus, has a warning for all men.{{more}}

John, who said that he was first diagnosed with the virus about five years ago, feels compelled to give the warning after he alleges that a woman with whom he has been intimate, who he said is also HIV positive, is intentionally spreading the disease to multiple partners.

John said that although he has been pleading with her to stop, she continues to be promiscuous.

“The world has to know about that,” John explained.

“She ain’t care who she kill,” he continued.

According to John, the woman claims that it is her intention to infect others.

He said he wanted to warn the general public, because he knows that people would stay away from her once he made the information public.

“She said that she doesn’t want sex with a condom and that she have to kill as much as she could before she closes she eye,” John told SEARCHLIGHT.

“You can’t be doing that,” he contended.

The man said that he made a decision to only have sex with one woman, because he does not want to go and infect anyone else, but the woman in question does not share the same sentiment, and all that he wants is for her to stop.

“I don’t want to go hurt anybody,” he said, adding that he was contented with having sexual relations with one woman only.

John suspects that she has infected a number of men, some of whom he has seen at clinics.

He explained to SEARCHLIGHT that the act is a selfish one, as many of the men have either their girlfriends or wives.

“So, it is like you are killing more people,” John said.

But he said that she is not stopping and seems as though she has no intention to stop.

“She not stopping; she just running all over and spreading it,” he told SEARCHLIGHT.

And that is why he is making an appeal to men all over to be careful.(DD)