July 17, 2012
GHS teachers excel in international French writing competition

Three Vincentian teachers recently represented this country at an international French writing competition, with excellent results.{{more}}

Elrine Burke, a French teacher at the Girls’ High School (GHS) came 2nd in this international competition, while Judith Cadougan, who also teaches French at the GHS, came 53rd.

The competition, called “La Plume d’Or” (the golden feather), which is held every year, is organized by the association “Défense de la langue française” via the Alliances Françaises.

It is held around the world on the occasion of the Week of French speaking in March (Semaine de la Francophonie: celebration of French speaking).

Designed for advanced students of French, “La Plume d’Or” doesn’t require any specific preparation. The organizers come up with a series of questions and written expression assignments. Participants get certificates of appreciation and the winner of the competition is invited to Paris for a week in the next year’s spring, during “la Semaine de la Francophonie”.